The Double Non-Helix

By Ken Biegeleisen, M.D., Ph.D.

W-C helical structure in de-proteinized crystals.


DNA structure in living systems:  non-helical!

If you can patiently work your way through the PowerPoint presentations below, you will come to realize that the Watson-Crick double-helix structure is mainly an artifact of deproteinization and crystallization.


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This presentation is based upon work done between 1972-2002. Slides 235-255, on the subject of "Form IV", have now been vastly superceded by the entire PowerPoint presentation on that subject (Form IV - the Final Puzzle Piece), which you will see lower down on this page.





This presentation was created in 2005. The section on histone structure (slides 12-30) has now been vastly superceded by the three PowerPoint presentations below, Histone Structure, Parts I-III.



















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