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The experiments described herein will prove, unequivocally, that DNA does not have the Watson-Crick structure in intact, living cell nuclei, but rather a significantly-different, non-helical structure. If you do these experiments, your colleagues may ridicule you at first. But after you publish the results, you will rule over them.

These experiments are sufficiently simple that you can perform them, without knowing what you are doing, by merely following the instructions. I would strongly recommend, however, that you read at least some small part of the NotAHelix web site. At the very least, you should watch either one of the two introductory videos:

It is not necessary, but highly-desirable that you also watch the full-length PowerPoint slide presentations on this web site:

You should be asking yourself why I don't do this work myself. The reason is that I am not gainfully-employed in the field of molecular biology. I have no lab. For nearly a half-century, all the so-called "professional" molecular biologists whom I have contacted have refused to cooperate. These now number well in excess of 500 scientists, and range from the very top (Watson and Crick themselves) to the very bottom (my local junior high school science teacher).

Whether at the top or the bottom, none of them will consent to do the work themselves. Nor will they allow me in their labs, to work for them. Nor will any of them read even the smallest part of the material on these pages. Obviously these all imagine themselves to know infinitely more than I do about DNA structure. We'll see about that.

The ball is therefore in your hands. Throw it wisely, and you will reap the reward that has been denied me since my college days.

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